Twelve Songs of the Soul

by Ruth Eichler

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Ruth Eichler has accomplished an amazing feat with Twelve Songs of the Soul: she gives not only very clear and brilliantly written descriptions of the astrological planets, houses, elements, and signs, but also an astonishingly easy lesson in Psychosynthesis.

Twelve Songs of the Soul opens with an introduction that explains Eichler’s intent: to map the path to wholeness with astrology using Psychosynthesis as a guide. Psychosynthesis is a psychological theory developed by Roberto Assagioli, M.D., who believed if we can eliminate distractions or blocks in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies, we can experience our whole Self more fully. Psychosynthesis suggests that what prevents us from fully experiencing our Self is our fragmented personalities (subpersonalities), which develop from various life experiences.

Eichler introduces astrology as a possible map to understanding the different subpersonalities within each of us and offers clever meditations that support those pieces of ourselves that we have tossed aside or misjudged. Using the words of many great thinkers and the wisdom of astrology, Twelve Songs of the Soul should be on every therapist’s shelf, not to mention the shelf of anyone who seeks to live more fully.

– Mark S. Husson, The Twelfth House, Denver, Colorado


272 pgs

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7″ x 10″

Ruth continues to provide astrological consultations to those who wish.