Psychosynthesis expands beyond traditional “talk” therapy to include a broader use of our human abilities, such as will, imagination, intuition, spirituality, and our true center referred to as the Self.

“The mind is brought into harmony with the spirit and includes the body, achieving an organic, harmonious unity of all aspects of the person’s being, what we might call ‘bio-psychosynthesis’. This is true spiritual alchemy”

– Roberto Assagioli

Founder of Psychosynthesis

Who Can Benefit?

People who:

  • Believe that people have inner wisdom and may appreciate guidance on accessing it

  • Wish to resolve inner and outer conflict

  • Want an approach that takes into consideration your whole being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

  • Desire to heal trauma

  • Are exploring options and solutions that have deepest meaning during life transitions

  • Wish to be relieved from depression and/or anxiety

  • Are open to a variety of methods, together finding the one(s) that are most uniquely suited to you

  • Want new tools to navigate life with greater ease

  • Desire greater peace and calm in the midst of a turbulent world