Radiant Awakening: Humanity’s Transformational Journey

//Radiant Awakening: Humanity’s Transformational Journey

Radiant Awakening: Humanity’s Transformational Journey


Radiant Awakening: Humanity’s Transformational Journey combines scholarly, contemporary spiritual wisdom with personal stories that are vulnerable and authentic. It is both visionary and inspiring, providing insights from the subtle realms as well as down to earth observations. The book addresses paradox and challenges of today’s unprecedented, evolutionary acceleration and guides dialogue toward humorous self-observation and intention to cultivate living fully.



Ruth Eichler, M.Ed., MSW, is a psychotherapist in private practice and has developed and facilitated hundreds of groups and programs for personal and spiritual growth throughout the United States, Germany and Russia. Lesley Carmack, M.S., has an extensive and multi-level world-view derived from personal experience, esoteric meditative practices and scientific theories in parapsychology and transformative states of consciousness.

Jean Houston, Ph.D., a widely recognized leader of the Human Potential movement and author of many books including The Possible Human and The Wizard of Us, says:

“This luminous work is a journey into the frontiers of spiritual, scientific and personal quest. To read it is to awaken into the mystery of our origins, the revelation of soul crafted living and the potential future of those who take seriously the rise of the Sacred Feminine. The book is in itself a Mystery School offering training and inspiration for seekers who would prepare themselves to be making a difference in both inner and outer worlds.”

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