Welcome to Twelve Songs

We all store the truth within of who we are and the knowledge of what we could become. We also possess the inner power to access that vast potential that remains largely dormant and unrecognized. Accessing this inner wisdom is the key to transformation.

Therefore, everything I do or say is intended to be in service to your process. I work with a variety of methods in addition to talking, depending upon the needs of the individual client. I use my intuition a great deal in assessing what methods might be useful and always check with your willingness to use any particular method other than talking.

Regardless of methods, I am as present for you as possible, bringing my full awareness to you and your process. I see my role as a guide or facilitator to help you tap into your inner wisdom and to release blocks.

Imago Relationship Therapy provides a pathway for learning how to heal rather than hurt by becoming conscious of the childhood experiences; which so greatly influence our patterns of perception and behavior. Imago therapy also helps in the development of important skills for the resolution of these ineffectual behaviors and self-defeating defense strategies.The Imago Process


Psychosynthesis expands beyond traditional psychoanalytical or “talk” therapy to include a broader use of our human abilities, such as will, imagination, intuition, spirituality, and our center referred to as the Self.

Psychosynthesis offers delightful tools for many purposes: embracing opposed parts of our inner worlds, enriching each other with our differences, making groups and organizations function with greater purpose, and enjoying a respectful interchange with the world that envelops us. The main goal of the broad-ranging theory and methods of Psychosynthesis is to enhance the full range of the human experience and support our movement toward Self-realization.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is an information processing therapy during which the client focuses on the past and present experiences in brief sequential doses while simultaneously focusing on an external stimulus. EMDR has been extensively researched as effective for problems based on acute traumas and for the treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).