The Imago Process

· Falling in love is amazing – we feel complete and whole

· After a while we often feel frustrated with our partner, and have painful disagreements

· The pain is particularly acute because the frustrations with our partner usually remind us of some painful childhood experiences

· It often doesn’t make sense to us why our partner gets upset so much over the things we argue about. We may even imagine they are just doing it to hurt us.

· The Imago dialogue is a process that makes it easier to understand our partner, without feeling threatened or under attack ourselves. And for them to understand us in the same way.

· When we do understand that our partner’s experience is so different from ours, they make sense! Then we find it easier to meet their needs. And they find it easier to meet ours!

· With our new understanding, we can learn to stretch a little more to provide what our partner needs.

· Imago provides a whole set of relationship fitness exercises to guide us through the process.

· You might take a gym class, or personal training to get really fit. Imago workshops and relationship counseling can help you build the strongest and most rewarding relationship.